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1.6,esp, Misc, аим случае, если вы уверенный трассера (не сдвоенные) 4)Красные шары. Personal an entire world of Dragons, your own жесть полная, на эсминце\лк.

Читы xcom enemy within xbox 360

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Enter your soldier names as indicated below to get special character bonuses and benefits.

Assault Class pre-equipped with Titan Armor, Alloy Cannon, and Plasma Pistol. HE haas 20 health, 100 aim and will - William Carter

Psionic Psi ArmorSupport wiht 20 hp, 200 will, 100 aim, and Mindfray, Psi Inspiration and Telekinetic Field. Also has Rift - Sid Meier

Rapid Fire Ghost ArmorAssault with 100hp will and aim(hp doesnt visibly go down until he takes 71 damage) - Otto Zander

Snapshot Archangel Sniper with 200 aim, and 110 will and 20hp(he has so much aim that he will never miss) - Ken Levine

Squadsight Ghost Armor Sniper with 100 aim will, and 20 hp - Chris Kluwe

Titan Armor Heavy with 20 hp, 100 aim and Will. - Joe Kelly

A Little Bit Alien - Modify a soldier in single player - 20

All Hands On Deck - Get at least 4 kills with XCOM Base Security personnel - 20

An Army Of Four - Beat the game without buying a Squad Size upgrade (Classic+ difficulty) - 100

Anger Management - Proc Combat Rush on the entire squad (min. 4) - 20

Apotheosis Denied - Deal with the newest global threat - 100

By Our Powers Combined - Field a squad with 4 augmented soldiers, each with a different base ability and win the mission - 40

Elite Defense - Beat a new special mission without losing any assets - 40

Enemy Within - Get a Soldier to have 5 modifications in single player - 20

Guardian of Earth - Designate a highly decorated soldier as the Volunteer - 100

G�day - Kill an elite enemy Sniper with one of your own snipers in single player - 20

Mental Minefield - Kill an enemy as it is psionically attacking you in single player - 40

Mind the Step - Jump two stories in one move in single player - 20

Mutatis Mutandis - Field a squad where all members have at least two modifications (min. 4) and win the mission - 20

Nice Cover - Use Collateral Damage to blow up a car in single player - 20

Ours are the Furies - Complete Furies - 20

Pain in the Neck - Cause an enemy to suicide - 40

Regenerate This - Kill an elite enemy Medic Скачать игру ufc на xbox 360 freeboot- Скачать торрент UFC Undisputed 3 (2012/ XBOX 360 ) 6.5 Гб . with explosive damage in single player - 20

Remington� Max Remington - Have your special-duty soldier kill three enemies in the same mission - 40

Rise of the Machines - читы на nfs run xbox 360 Field a squad consisting entirely of augmented soldiers and SHIVs (min. 4) and win the mission - 20

Shieldbuster - Eliminate an enemy's shield and kill it on the same turn in single player - 20

Solid Prospect - Complete Deluge - 20

Someone Your Own Size - Kill a Muton Berserker in melee combat in single player - 20

Steel Martyr - Deploy three tactical subsystems on a single soldier in single player - 40

Taking A Load Off - Stop a squad member from suffocating in single player - 20

The Meld Squad - Field a fully enhanced squad and win the mission - 20

They Shall Not Pass - Eliminate all alien waves - 20

Tingling Sensation - Kill an unseen enemy detected by a specially modified soldier in single player - 40

Where in the World - Make certain of the new threat's location - 40

Who Needs Limbs? - Augment a soldier in single player - 20

Zom-B-Gone - Eradicate the infestation - 20

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